CP-2010: 16th International Conference on Principles and Practice of Constraint Programming, the major CP event of the year,  will be held on September 6-10, 2010 in St. Andrews, Scotland. The agenda includes an important Standardization Discussion on Sep. 10 from 9:00 to 10:20.


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  1. jacobfeldman says:

    I am just back from CP-2010. As always at such events, I met several extraordinary scientists and bright personalities which I will remember for a while. The choice of St. Andrews was a good one; it reflected the spirit of the conference: without big ambitious, the event was very informative and well organized. I plan to blog about some presentations (such as “Backdoors to Satisfaction”) in separate posts. Here I will briefly describe a CP Standardization Discussion on the last day of CP-2010.

    It was not simple for me to organize this event and put together such a representative Discussion Panel, but it seems at the end it was a really productive discussion. First, I tried to briefly summarize the current state of the CP Standardization process. Then the panelists Peter Stucky(G12), Laurent Michel(Comet), Chris Jefferson(Minion), Nicolas Beldiceanu(Choco), Radoslav Szymanek(JaCoP), and Helmut Simonis(4C) responded to questions of the audience and discussed further standardization directions. Concentrating on the integration of CP into real-world business products and applications, the discussion was around JSR-331, CP Domain Specific Language (CP DSL), Common Interchange Format (CIF), Standard Test Problems, user interaction, and more. Afterwards, alond with a general approval by the panelists and the audience we even got several concrete results: 1) an informal agreement among a few key people of how to give a life to a future XML standard; 2) a preliminary OK from some people who will help me with the JSR-331 Technology Compatibility Kit. In general, as Chris Jefferson correctly put it: “Today we are discussing WHAT and HOW to standardize instead of IF we need standardization as we did a few years ago”. This discussion certainly became an important milestone on the road to CP standardization.

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