CP Standardization Update

The latest noticeable progress has been done in two directions:

1)      Developing JSR-331, a Java CP API.  JSR-331 has successfully passed the Public Review Vote – see http://jcp.org/en/jsr/results?id=5118.  Now it has 3 working implementations based on open source CP solvers (Choco, Constrainer, and JaCoP) and many examples that explain how to use the standard to represent and solve different CSPs. These JSR-331 implementations currently support integer, boolean, and set constrained variables, and many popular binary and global constraints. The implementation of real constrained variables is under way.  The latest User Manual can be found at http://4c110.ucc.ie/cpstandards/files/JSR331.UserManual.v072.pdf. To download and try JSR-331 with all examples and sources please send a request to jacobfeldman@openrules.com. The next step is to produce the JSR-331 Final Draft that will include an enhanced TCK (Technology Compatibility Kit) and more practical examples. We expect to publish the Final Draft in August.

2)      Developing a common CP XML format. A small group of ACP members (Julien Fischer, Peter Stuckey, Radoslaw Szymanek, Guido Tack) have modified FlatZinc XML, the XML version of FlatZinc to create a draft standard for CP solver interchange. When this standard is finalized, an ability to save/load constraint satisfaction problems in the CP XML format will be added to the common level of the JSR-331 implementation. Read more about CP XML in Peter Stuckey’s post at the CP Standardization Discussion Forum and provide your comments and suggestions.


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