Using Decision Tables to model and solve Scheduling and Resource Allocation Problems

A new release of OpenRules Rule Solver allows business analysts to model their scheduling and resource problems directly in Excel without any programming. The Rule Solver automatically generates (on-the-fly) a CSP in terms of the JSR-331 and then executes it using any JSR-331 compliant CP solver (without expecting it to support scheduling and resource allocation concepts). You may look at all details in several simple job construction examples – see

What is interesting in this implementation that it does not hardcode anything. Instead, it provides Excel-based templates for regular decision tables with special conditions and actions that use snippets of Java. These snippets utilize a simple CP Scheduling API developed by OpenRules on top of the JSR-331. It is still a quite basic API and we expect to extend it with much more solid and efficient implementations of major resource allocation constraints. If you want to try JSR-331 Scheduler yourself and/or to contribute to its development, please send an email to You will receive all sources and binaries.


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