Today Constraint Programming (CP) is a proven optimization technique. Multiple CP solvers written in different languages empower real-world business applications in such areas as scheduling, resource allocation, planning, and product configuration.  CP as a  decision management technique becomes more and more popular along with business rules, predictive analytics, and complex event processing.  CP is especially useful for real-time selection of optimal decisions among multiple alternatives.

However, the absence of standards still limits the acceptance of CP by the business world. This blog will be devoted to the CP Standardization. It will reflect an ongoing development in this direction in a very informal way.  A constructive input from CP professionals is welcome.

Jacob Feldman, PhD
JSR-331 Specification Lead
jacobfeldman@openrules.com   (www.openrules.com)
j.feldman@4c.ucc.ie (www.4c.ucc.ie)

July 22, 2010