Today Constraint Programming (CP) is a proven optimization technique. Multiple CP solvers written in different languages empower real-world business applications in such areas as scheduling, resource allocation, planning, and product configuration.  CP as a  decision management technique becomes more and more popular along with business rules, predictive analytics, and complex event processing.  CP is especially useful for real-time selection of optimal decisions among multiple alternatives.

However, the absence of standards still limits the acceptance of CP by the business world. We have created a special website www.cpstandards.org devoted to the CP Standardization. This blog will reflect an ongoing development in this direction in a very informal way.  A constructive input from CP professionals is welcome.

Jacob Feldman, PhD
JSR-331 Specification Lead
jacobfeldman@openrules.com   (www.openrules.com)
j.feldman@4c.ucc.ie (www.4c.ucc.ie)

July 22, 2010