CPSOLVERS-2013 Workshop and Live CP/LP/MIP Catalogues: update

The workshop “CP Solvers: Modeling, Applications, Integration, and Standardization” will be held at the 19th International Conference on the Principles and Practice of Constraint Programming (http://cp2013.a4cp.org/) in Uppsala, Sweden exactly in one month on Monday September 16, 2013.  The workshop schedule is already in place. It includes 12 presentations – all abstracts and presentations can be found  here. At the end of the workshop we will run an Open Panel Discussion moderated by Helmut Simonis, a well-known optimization expert and the current President of ACP

The workshop apparently generated a serious interest among CP vendors and practitioners. We had more submissions but could not fit all of them in one day workshop. However, as we promised we have created the Live Catalogue of Constraint Solvers that already includes 22 CP tools. Take a look at the Catalogue: you will see many well-known open source products, commercial CP tools from powerhouses like IBM, Google, FICO, and Oracle, and new CP solvers too. At the same time some solvers that still can be found in different CP lists have disappeared and probably are not supported anymore.  If you know active CP tools not included into the Catalogue, please contact me to get your personal access attributes.

These days CP frequently goes together with LP/MIP tools (see the Catalogue to learn who actually supports such an integration and who does not).So, we recently added another Live Catalogue of LP/MIP Tools. We added only links to some well-known tools and asked their vendors to fill out the complete profiles. Gurobi, Xpress, GLPK, AIMMS, and JSR331 have already submitted profiles of their tools. We expect that other vendors will also submit and maintain the up-to-date descriptions – please spread the word around. 

To make CP/LP/MIP more visible to business application developers, we also incorporated these two catalogues into a webpage that supports other Decision Management technologies – see http://decision-tools.org.  We expect that it will help the decision optimization tools to be selected and integrated with Business Rules,  Predictive Analytics, CEP, and other decision making techniques.

And finally, any software vendor and a research center has an opportunity to sponsor the selected catalogues. The sponsor’s logo with a hyperlink to its website will be placed on the top of the catalogues web pages. It will also help us to maintain the catalogue servers. The sponsorship is not expensive: only $250 USD for one year per catalogue. If you are interested, you may submit a request and pay with any credit card from here.

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